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EUCNC Co., Ltd. is specialized in Thermal Insulating Paint which is eco-friendly and energy saving, and focuses on research & business development of special paints such as wooden flame retardancy and non-inflammable. And also, EUCNC is a start-up to capitalize on the global challenge of Carbon Neutralization Era.

Increasing the importance of new technologies to reduce carbon emissions under the Paris Climate Agreement, EUCNC is contributing to Carbon Neutralization by developing
the eco-friendly energy saving thermal insulation coating which reduces temperature Max. 13℃ and carbon emissions.

Customized eco-friendly functional paints such as eco-friendly energy saving coating, single-order heat coating, non-combustion coating and anti-corrosion coating are also applied to general buildings, industrial buildings, rail and transformers.

We will continue to make our efforts to realize the value of our customers and carry out our social responsibilities by applying eco-friendly special paints to buildings and industrial facilities.

EUCNC will continue its efforts to achieve the values of Environment, Social Responsibility and Customer Satisfaction by developing eco-friendly and saving energy special paints.

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Jang-Sik Choi